Universities and Colleges in Texas and surrounding states are encouraged to apply to one of the two SAMPE Professional chapters in the region for both technical and financial support. SAMPE professional chapters are committed to enhancing students and educators with a contact to real world situations where advanced materials and processes are utilized. Being part of a Student Chapter will enable your chapter undergraduates and graduates to join several SAMPE International programs and enable both students and their educators to submit for professional and industrial awards, advance in leadership, and land good, permanent jobs. A current list of SAMPE International programs and awards include:

SAMPE Student Chapter Funding Awards - This program provides all official SAMPE South Texas student chapters with basic funding to assist with student involvement, meetings, and technical presentations, such as projects like Sun Rayce, human powered vehicles, miniature structural bridges, Mini-Baja cars, senior projects, support of community science projects, etc.

SAMPE Student Research Symposium (Senior/Master/PhD) - This is a competitive program that sponsors selected SAMPE student members to present the results of their technical research at the SAMPE International Symposium & Exhibition each year. The best papers presented in each student category are awarded cash prizes, while winners in the PhD student category are further sponsored to present their papers at SAMPE conferences in Europe and Japan.

SAMPE Student Leader Experience Award - The SAMPE Student Leader Experience Award sends student leaders to the SAMPE International Symposium & Exhibition to network with peers and industry professionals and increase their understanding of the Materials & Processes community.

A SAMPE student chapter can be formed if there are at least 4 paid student members and a faculty advisor involved. For more information on how to form a student chapter, please send an email to Dr. Johnny Golden

SAMPE South Texas universities with established student chapters include:

SAMPE South Texas area universities with developing student chapters include: